Thursday, 23 May 2013

What’s In the Box? Alone In the Dark Limited Edition Xbox 360

   Released in 2008 for the Xbox 360 and PC, with an altogether different version released for the PS2 and Nintendo Wii that same year, (though with a similar plot line to the 360/PC versions,) the game was embattled by a mixed reception from critics, which then ended up in a mire of controversy. But no matter what axe Atari and the review critics were trying to grind with each other at the expense of gamers no less, the game itself got buried between the two parties, shame really because if both parties had stopped trying to score points off of each other, this great horror game might have reached greater success. 

   Alone In the Dark 5 (or 2008, not to be confused with the original game of the same name) was actually a really great horror game that sadly few have bothered to play, though it did apparently sell quite well. Its surprisingly one of the better horror games of this generation, more so than the very dismal Resident Evil (RE) offerings that have been served up to disenchanted RE fans. This game can be bought at a super cheap price, and it’s worth every penny, so if you have the chance to grab a copy then do so, you’ll enjoy this game.

   This Limited Edition version was only available to European gamers, and only available through the video games retailer Game here in the UK, so if anyone in the US likes the look of this then you will have to import it. 

Alone In the Dark Limited Edition Xbox 360

CD soundtrack by Olivier Deriviere
Making of DVD
Edward Carnby figure
Hardback art book


Yeah, I really enjoyed Alone In The Dark....although I got stuck once I had to defeat those roots in the park, so thanks for reminding me I need to get back to it!

The Limited Edition set looks pretty good!

I really enjoyed this game, there wasn't a dull moment in it in either its gameplay or story, shame they haven't made another. Is that the bit where these roots are blocking an entrance? Because that's where i got stuck if its the same place, i had to look online in the end to figure out what to do lol.

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