Friday, 9 March 2012

Sega Saturn European/UK Exclusive Games List

I thought these Saturn lists would be a good to add to the blog to complement the PAL Saturn list.

These are all the Saturn games that received a European/UK release, though they are not all exclusive to Europe and the UK as some were released in Japan as well, but these games did not receive a US release. All the games highlighted in red are European exclusive games not released in other regions.

  1. 3D Lemmings
  2. Chaos Control
  3. Darius2
  4. Deep Fear
  5. Destruction Derby
  6. Hebereke's Popoitto
  7. Jewels of the Oracle
  8. Keio Flying Squadron 2
  9. Megaman X3
  10. Mighty Hits
  11. Parodius
  12. Pinball Graffiti
  13. Riven The Sequel to Myst
  14. Sea Bass Fishing
  15. Street Racer
  16. Discworld
  17. The King of Fighters 95
  18. Virtual Golf
  19. Whizz
  20. WipEout 2097
  21. Atlantis: The Lost Tales
  22. Discworld 2
  23. Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster
  24. Formula Karts Special Edition
  25. Jonah Lomu Rugby
  26. Swagman
  27. Trash It
  28. UEFA Euro 96 England
  29. World League Soccer 98
  30. Z


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