Here you can find some links to some great sites.

Great Gaming Websites

Lemon Amiga - Dedicated Amiga games site that lists games made for the Amiga platform, each with detailed information on each game with accompanying screenshots and mini reviews by users of the site. This is a slick well designed site with heaps of information and links to other great Amiga sites.

Lemon64 - This site is dedicated to the Commodore 64 and is designed and laid out much the same as Lemon Amiga, great site and a must visit for C64 fans.

Hall Of Light - This is another dedicated Amiga site that lists pretty much all Amiga games ever created for the platform, you will find it very hard indeed to find a game not listed in its database! It also has a veritable wealth of information for each game.

Retro Collect - Retro Collect is a UK retro games collector’s community, where retro enthusiasts can go to keep a detailed list of all the PAL systems and software released this side of the pond.

The Will Of The Ancients - This site is dedicated the Panzer Dragoon Series, so if you’re a fan of the games and you want to know more about them then this is the only place to go.

Shenmue Dojo - If you love the Shenmue series, then this is a great site to visit with all the information you would possibly want to know about these classic games.

Sega Retro - A site dedicated to Sega’s history; here you will find everything you would possibly want to know about Sega and their games, great site for any Sega fan.

World Of Spectrum - For everything Spectrum related.

Tomb Raider Spain - A great blog written by a Tomb Raider fan passionate about all things Tomb Raider related. Its in Spanish but the whole blog is easily translated into the language of your choice by clicking on the relevant flags at the top of the page.

Radio Sega - Online radio and podcasts for Sega music.

Buy Retro Stuff

RetroGames - A great site to buy retro consoles, computers and games from, name a system from yesteryear and they sell it and accompanying software here. Put simply RetroGames is a great safe and reliable site with fantastic customer service.

Genki Video Games - A games import site. Here you can import games and consoles from Japan from systems past and present.

amigakit.com - A site that keeps the Amiga alive and well in the modern age. This site sells tons of parts for various old Amiga models as well as important upgrades and lots of other useful and important stuff. This site is a must for anyone with an Amiga.
Amazon.co.uk - Well, self-explanatory really.

Steam - The new home of PC gaming, buy PC and Mac games from past to present, download and install them as many times as you wish, its Steam, enough said really.

Gamersgate - Gamersgate is another online store where PC and Mac owners can buy digitally distributed games with little to no fuss.

GOG - GOG (Good Old Games) is yet another online store for PC and Mac owners to buy digitally distributed games from, and although GOG sells ceuurent release titles and is brimming with indie games, its a site with a difference. GOG, as the name suggests, focuses on retro PC/Mac games from yesteryear as well as having all the games on their site for sale DRM free.

Retro GT - Clothing and merchandise for gamers.


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