Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What’s In the Box? Beneath A Steel Sky

  Another Amiga game, another striking cover/box design, and this one is both eye catching and instantly recognisable. Beneath A Steel Sky was released in 1994 on the Amiga, CD32 and PC, developed by Revolution Software and published by Virgin Interactive, this game is a point and click adventure that uses Revolutions Virtual Theatre Engine which was used in their previous game Lure Of The Temptress.

   With a matt black box sporting a silver motif dead centre of the front cover, this striking design choice was nothing short of genius, with it turning out to be one of the most iconic box art designs of its time, it certainly sits well with the game and makes this a title that is instantly recognisable. The picture of a silver skyline billowing smoke with the games title emblazoned within its silver boarders in bold black letters. This is one hell of a box art, one which leaves you to believe this game is going to be completely awesome, or awesomely naff, fortunately it turned out to be the former.

   The story takes place in Union City; a city state in Australia controlled by a powerful central computer and is set in a dystopian future where the world has been ravaged by disasters and war. Your character, Robert Foster, is abducted by security forces one day from his adopted family in the outback, after which they are then all killed, and he finds himself carted off to Union City with no explanation as to why? Accompanied by his sentient AI companion Joey who’s stored on a circuit board and can be inserted into any machine or robot for him to take control of, Foster must evade the security forces now hunting him down and discover why he’s been brought to Union City and what the future has in store for him.

   This game also comes with a few really cool extras that rounds off the package and adds to the story and feel of the game somewhat, so if you decide to pick up the Amiga version, then you’ll want to make sure Beneath A Steel Sky comes with these little extras. This game usually commands a decent price, and there is nothing worse as a collector than paying a lot of money for a game only to find it missing some of its original contents.


15 floppy disks
Technical Manual
Beneath A Steel Sky short comic - This comic was designed by David Gibbons and is a short prologue to the game and is only included with the floppy disk versions, the CD versions include this comic as the opening sequence to the game.
Yellow Security Manual - A mock up security manual carried by a LINC security officer from Union City, it contains security details, rules and procedures to be followed at all times as well as a suspect list of citizens under observation.


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