Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sonic Generations Poem

Sonic Generations is an amazing game
This is Sega back on top form again
And Sonic, finally, with some respect again
The level design is amazing
The graphics are cool
The challenges are challenging
The platforming is refined

The spin-dash is there
Loop-the-loops to
The underwater parts are present
The oxygen bubbles to

The lock-on feature is there
And the best it’s ever worked
Dr Robotnik plays his part
His crazy mechanical contraptions to

I can’t blame anyone for holding out
Giving in to that lingering doubt
Can it really be good?
Or is it just bad?
I don’t want to play another bad Sonic game
Only to find
Once again I’ve been had

Remembering back
After the Dreamcast days
Sonic and Sega lost their way
And gamers decided its time to sadly part ways
The Sonic games went slowly down hill
They couldn’t rekindle the 3D magic of Sonic Adventure 1 & 2

Forgettable games and broken promises
Why was Sonic lost in a world of shoddiness?
It pains me to say it
But it’s true
The games were bad through and through
Sega promised us all they would make it right
But with each and every game
It was clear they just couldn’t get it right

Sonic and Sega fans deserved better
Like the 16-bit titles of that glorious era
So what was with you Sega?
What took you so long?
Why did we have to wait just so damn long?

Well Sonic is back
That we can be sure
Now forget about awful Sonic 4
Sonic Generations is here
A superior title
Though Sonic Colours is a worthy game
It’s a shame it passed many by
Perhaps for the same old reason
Many thought it wasn’t a worthy buy

But Sonic Generations is a game you should definitely get
It’s a game you’ll certainly not regret
But one thing I know
You better listen up fat Mario
Its time to move over
Its game over for you
Sonic is back
Don’t cry that he wants his bloody thrown back

If you’re a true Sonic fan you will love this game!
But if you should find yourself saying
‘I hate Generations’
Or have cause to fault it
And pick it apart again and again
After ten years of moaning
‘Why no decent Sonic game!?’
There is no denying it
You’re not a Sonic fan
You’re just critically lame

A Poem by Casey Suou Layne


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